Evidence for Jesus / White Horse Inn

Evidence for Jesus

I just finished watching this week’s Q & A on ABC. Another complexing and frustrating program but nonetheless same old attacks on Christianity. One of the most important things that assists these attacks is a declining ability for Christians to know what they believe and WHY they believe it. The great team over at White Horse Inn (WHI) do a great job at discussing major areas of the Christian Faith. One in particular is in my mind today.

While I was driving back from Kempsey Church on Sunday after the service I listened to an episode “History and Christianity” (most episodes are 30 mins, perfect for a drive from Kempsey to South West Rocks). It was most beneficial to listen to considering tonight’s episode of Q&A.

The real defining question on whether Chrisitianity is true:

Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Paraphrasing Lawrence Krauss’ words, speaking on why science is particularly brilliant: “If we disprove something we throw it out.”

I would suggest our world consider the EVIDENCE for Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Before they throw God out!


Head on over to the White Horse Inn to listen to the episdoe, and maybe follow the links or look into some of the resources to find out more of the evidence for Jesus. (CLICK HERE)


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